The Worthless Team Website

Jun 18

I talk with coaches everyday. I visit the websites of high school and college sports teams and athletic departments. Unfortunately, I see so many team websites that are absolutely worthless. Is your website worthless? Here are a few characteristics of a worthless website.

  • Out-of-date: If your website has no new information, it is worse than having no website at all. Think about when you go to a team website and see three month old information! I recommend starting a blog and linking it to your website (or, if your site has a blog feature, get posting!). Blogs are easy to update.
  • No social media icons above the fold: You should have social media channels- Facebook and Twitter. You should have linked icons on your homepage. And they should be above the fold (visible without having to scroll). Vistors are looking for ways to stay connected to organizations in whom they are interested. Make it easy for them!
  • Pics and Video: You should have some media other than text on your site. People absolutely love video (so does Google search if you’re interested in SEO).

When your site is optimized (not worthless), you’ll have more fans, increase awareness and dramatically increase your fundraising.

Take action today. Get your website optimized for your fans!

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